Microsoft Office and the Skimm team up to help millions of users stay in-the-know.

We’re excited to announce that Microsoft Office has partnered with theSkimm to reach millions of users, bringing key information to their fingertips, with the new Office Connectors and early preview Skype Bots integration.

theSkimm Connector for Office 365 Groups showing Daily Skimm highlights.

In a world of information abundance, where access to quick and relevant knowledge can offer enormous advantages, theSkimm makes it easier to be smarter—giving its audience of 4 million busy professionals, what they need to know, on-the-go. By teaming up with Microsoft to integrate with Office and Skype, theSkimm is empowering its subscribers to participate in and start conversations through quick and relevant access to news and keep up with what’s going on in the world.

theSkimm is a company that makes it easier to be smarter by integrating into the routines of our audience. We’re always looking for ways to bring our unique content to new platforms to reach more people. We are excited to partner with Microsoft on theSkimm’s integration into the company’s productivity and communications tools. says Danielle Weisberg, one of theSkimm’s founders.

The Daily Skimm is theSkimm’s inaugural product and the fastest growing email newsletter on the market, with a unique voice and engaged audience. This partnership integrates theSkimm into Office Connectors, delivering relevant interactive content and updates straight to your Groups Inbox in Outlook. With Office Connectors, theSkimm subscribers can wake up to the Daily Skimm newsletter highlights every morning and begin instant conversations with other group members on interesting news and updates right within Office 365 Groups. They can share the latest stories and perspectives with their teams, quickly enabling meaningful discussions on topics of common interest. Connectors bring them the information where it is best consumed and acted on, and where they are spending their time being productive: in Office.

To setup theSkimm Connector, go to Outlook on the web and browse to one of your groups. Select ‘Connectors’ on the far right of the ribbon. In the Connectors catalog, scroll or search for theSkimm Connector. Click ‘Add’ to install. You will be asked to visit theSkimm site where you can click ‘Connect to Office 365’ and follow the instructions to setup the connector. You will now receive daily highlights from theSkimm newsletter in the group.

theSkimm bot in early preview, showing latest from the Daily Skimm on a topic of the user’s choice

We are also introducing in early preview,  theSkimm Skype Bot. Think of it as an information concierge that makes it easier to get fresh editorial content and perspectives directly within your Skype chat. Simply add theSkimm bot to get the latest news and book recommendations straight from theSkimm.

Click on theSkimm bot contact in your Skype chat and type “news”, to get the Daily Skimm. Or type “book” to get the latest book recommendation. You can even type “surprise book” for a random pick from Skimm Reads, which draws from years of hand-picked selections from theSkimm’s editorial staff.

To check out theSkimm bot in early preview and all of the great bots on Skype, make sure you are on thelatest Skype app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Web. To learn more about bots, please visit ourSkype FAQ and Skype Bots feature page.

Microsoft’s executive leadership, including CEO Satya Nadella and EVP Peggy Johnson are strong supporters of theSkimm and helped envision this partnership.

We just love theSkimm, and we’ve heard from so many employees, customers and partners who say they simply can’t start their day without it, said Peggy Johnson, EVP of business development at Microsoft. Now we’re teaming up to bring theSkimm’s smart and sassy content to Office, making it even easier to hear from your favorite voice in news.

We hope you are as excited about this collaboration with theSkimm as we are and enjoy using the Office Connector and early preview of theSkimm bot to get the latest on everyday topics and top reads.