Beezy and Office 365, Surfacing Meaningful Content using Microsoft Graph

Beezy leverages the Microsoft Graph to better surface content, conversations, and connections within SharePoint, turning the collective intelligence captured by the platform into timely and relevant organizational knowledge. The end result is a more contextual and intuitive platform, with productive and engaged end users.



Enterprises face many challenges in the constant effort to improve collaboration, inside and outside of the organization. Limiting collaboration are the usual suspects: information silos, multiple levels of management, lack of communication, and so forth. In answer to these needs, Beezy has integrated the Microsoft Graph into their collaboration solution, helping organizations that utilize SharePoint Online and the Office 365 platform to better understand the underlying intelligence within their networks, and more quickly surface relevant data.

As a solution, Beezy extends and enhances the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint with a number of enterprise collaboration capabilities and a user experience that customers love. Beezy runs natively within SharePoint, providing a familiar social interface that encourages community and participation, and offers advanced collaboration features such as idea management, knowledge centers, town halls, and more.

Beezy has a strong focus on social and network dynamics, and is constantly looking for ways to leverage SharePoint to drive incremental value for their customers.

As employees work together using Beezy, they create an incredible amount of meaningful data. We see a huge market need to understand the underlying intelligence of the network, to resurface existing knowledge, and to identify domain expertise,

says Maximo Castagno, Product Lead at Beezy.